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New Airline for Quincy

October 27, 2009

By now I am sure everyone has heard the news that we are indeed getting a new airline to service our Quincy Airport. First of all, let me say that I LOVE flying out of and into Quincy! What is not to like – free parking, close proximity to home, small amounts of people to be checked, courteous service by those people involved in checking people in, etc., etc.

Now the news is that Cape Air will fly their 9 passsenger planes between Quincy and St. Louis six times a day for $50 each way! GREAT NEWS! There is a big BUT there, though!!!! There is NO code share agreement, so if you plan a trip, you must have about 3 hours between flights! You will have to pick up your luggage and then recheck it with another airline at least 90 minutes before that flight! Some may say that means only 2 hours – I don’t believe so. I have had the experience that the Quincy airline personnel have handwritten the luggage tickets and thus made sure that the luggage was transported to the next airline in St. Louis. HOWEVER, I have also had the experience that I could only check my luggage to St. Louis on my way home – so there still is a 3 hour wait in St. Louis at the end of a trip, when people generally just want to get home! Great Lakes Air’s gates (which, I am sure Cape Air is going to get now) are a good hike from the baggage carousels of the Main Terminal! I also need to see FIRST, BEFORE I sell this to anyone, that we can truly trust that the air schedule is going to be true! That means that planes take off and land on time! Or at least VERY close to it!

Another thing I am hesitant about also has to do with the code share agreement – without one there basically have to be two tickets, which means two change and cancel penalties. Airlines do assess these fees (not travel agents) of about $150 per ticket. So if one has purchased a ticket from Quincy to St. Louis to some other destination, and because of a schedule change affecting Cape Air does not make their connection in St. Louis, they loose at least $150 of that ticket – plus will have to purchase another ticket at that time at a much higher cost in order to complete their trip.

I have heard in the local media that American Airlines has been in conversations with Cape Air. I find that not quite believable – because American Airline supposedly also was in conversations with Great Lakes Airlines about a code share agreement….. Makes you think!