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New Domestic Travel Requirement

June 4, 2009

TSA (Travel Security Administration) has issued new rules governing domestic airline travel. We have started to collect the information which will be mandatory to be in all travel records starting in August. All clients will be asked their full name (not just first, middle initial and last), and we will have to pass on their gender and birth dates. I have copied and pasted from the TSA website (italic added by me for emphasis):

1.   The Full name, as it appears on the government issued picture ID, including middle name and any suffix.
2.   Date of Birth
3.   Gender
The TSA will then take this data and verify it against their government watch list and will supply airlines the boarding pass authorization results. Passengers will be denied online check in, kiosk check-in and delayed boarding until this information is supplied and may even miss their flight.
We encourage all our clients to assist us in making sure they can take their trips with as little hassle as possible.