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Swine Flu

April 29, 2009

There is much in the news about the current epidemic! When will that end??? There have been many “outbreaks” of various viral illnesses related to the travel industry – when we can’t stay healthy on a cruise, should we park all cruise ships? Now Mexico seems to be the bad name – should we not all just stop going to Mexico??? Ridiculous!

I have gotten information from tour operators we commonly use for Mexico vacations.  They are offering to change people’s vacations to different dates or even different locations at this time, provided booked passengers cancel now and rebook their new destination/date by 12 May, AND take their vacation before 15 December. I think that is going well above and beyond anything they need to do.

I also talked to a local doctor and his advice is what I liked best: wash your hands often, and be careful not to be coughed or sneezed on – in other words, go on your vacation and have a great time! The end of the world is not yet here! We are often around people who are not well – but by keeping good hygiene we can stay healthy! We also need to be sure to get enough sleep, diet and exercise in order for ourselves to stay healthy at any time, not just in this time of dire health epidemics!

The whole point here is that every person has to take responsibility for their own actions! When I go on a cruise, I have to sign a paper at check-in that is an affidavit that I am healthy! How many people have signed that paper, even though they may have known they were ill with some contagious virus? Perhaps that is why there are viral outbreaks on cruise ships? When any of our clients book vacations in our office, we offer them insurance. This insurance is there in case a traveler gets ill before the trip and thus cannot go, among other coverage. I encourage anyone who books through our office to ask what is covered by insurance! We will be glad to give out the detailed information provided by the insurance company.