Flying to and from Quincy

I just returned from a trip to Germany on Tuesday, 29 April. I flew from Quincy because I wanted to test how Great Lakes worked. Well, I was disappointed!

On the way to Germany, my luggage was checked in Quincy and I picked it up in Frankfurt, no problem. On the way home would be the real test – I always knew that! When I checked in at Frankfurt Airport for my trip home, I could only check my luggage to St. Louis! US-Airways could not see that ZK was the abbreviation for any airline – it IS the abbreviation for Great Lakes Airlines. So I had to pick up my luggage in St. Louis, and then take it upstairs to the counter and check it in again. Also, the gate for Great Lakes is half way to the East Terminal, a long way to walk!

This is the reason why we won’t sell Great Lakes as long as they don’t have an interline agreement with a major carrier. There is also the consideration, that the way it is now, if a person is booked on another flight from St. Louis, and something changes, there are change and cancel penalties for TWO airlines that will be incurred. While schedule changes normally don’t incur a change fee, the Great Lakes portion would! I really don’t like to state this, because checking in at Quincy Airport is so easy – parking is free, there are just a few people checking in at any time…. but what is that convenience for everything else one has to go through?

More on this subject when there is an agreement…


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